6th Annual There Will Be Dust

Hosted by the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona


Event Details

Event Date

Sat, Nov 17, 2018 6:30 AM - 9:00 PM MST


Camping is allowed Friday and Saturday night only!

Routes & Bikes:

Riders of all bike types will enjoy this 1-day event. The routes will take the rider through the Patagonia Mountains as well as the San Rafael Valley.

No major sand washes this year! Your gas container will be transported to lunch spot.


  • Breakfast

    On your own, Local coffee/sandwhich shop available across from the staging area.

    Available at: Gathering Grounds http://gatheringgroundsaz.com across from the staging are.

  • Lunch

    Provided by TRS

    Location: San Rafael Ranch House (aka the Mclintock House) https://d2umhuunwbec1r.cloudfront.net/gallery/asp-archive/Parks/SARA/index.html

    Meal: TBD

    Fun Fact: This ranch house has a long history for use in western movies, (Oklahoma, Tom Horn) with stars such as John Wayne and Steve McQueen. Steve being as avid dirt bike rider!

  • Dinner

    Provided by TRS

    Meal: Mexican food buffet

    Location: Stage Shop Inn of Patagonia.

John Wayne

Other Information:

Camping & Hotels: